The Program

The studio accepts students ages 7 – adult who are enthusiastic about taking private violin lessons. Every student is different and the teacher is happy to teach a student the music that most appeals to them without neglecting those aspects that build and improve ability.  Therefore, violin lessons include technical studies such as scales, etudes, vibrato, rhythm, positions.

The purpose of the violin lessons is to train and develop the hands and fingers to be able to tackle the physical demands of the music.  Lessons also include developing awareness of the quality of the playing and coming up with strategies to improve and fix any flaws.

For those students who are interested in participating in the Phoenix Youth Symphony program, there is extensive work in preparation for the Audition.


Performance Opportunities


The studio provides both informal and formal opportunities for students to perform.

Informal:  During the 8 week Session, students perform what they have learned.  They can also perform for students and parents whose lesson is just before or after theirs.

Formal:  Once or twice a year students can perform for each other, their family and friends.  The performance can take place at the Studio or in another venue.  Performing is optional.

Ensembles:  For the more advanced and mature students there are ensembles for duets, trios, or quartets.  Groups will consist of between two to six students.


Some Student Pictures

Student Pic3 Student Pic4 Student Pic6 Student Pic6 Student Pic8 Student Pic10 Student Pic11 Student Pic12 Student Pic12Student Pic13 Student Pic13 Student Pic14