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Edna Beech
Edna at 8
Edna at age 8
Edna Beech began studying violin in Israel at age 8. She continued her studies at the Juilliard School with the legendary violin pedagogue Dorothy DeLay.  Upon graduating Juilliard she spent 20 years as a violinist in Major National and International orchestras including the Spoleto Opera in Italy, the Maracaibo Symphony in Venezuela, the Sydney Symphony in Australia and our very own Phoenix Symphony.

In 1989 she opened Violin Virtue-osity, her studio for private violin lessons in phoenix, where she teaches full time providing innovative, stimulating and expert lessons.  Each lesson is meticulously planned per student.  New songs and pieces are learned using a simple practice step system specifically designed by her to enable students to tackle and learn new songs on their own.  She has a huge variety of music and repertoire to choose from.  Her teaching style is:  Patient-Encouraging-Demanding-Lighthearted-Funny-Warm-Masterful-Skilled-Challenging-Kind.

Her present and past students have participated playing in the Phoenix Youth Orchestra;  the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra;  the Scottsdale Symphony;  the Tempe Symphony and the North Valley Symphony.  She feels lucky and grateful to have had the chance to teach them and see them grow!

Thank you my students, for all you have given me.

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